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GeekGirlSpeak! continues with out 3rd special long podcast with the Fan-tastic artist Lindsay C Walker !

Lindsay C Walker final image 1 for podcast

The Squeamer and artist Lindsay C Walker talk GEEK!  for this 3rd podcast for the Month of May’s Lady of the Nerd  !

Talking on all things Geekie from Dinosaurs, to Star Trek to Pop-Culture conventions, Cthulu, The Elder Scrolls, drawing, art and The Phantom, Superheroes, is Star Wars better then Star Trek?  Bullying, does it exist for her in Geekdom?  Favourite Spaceship?

There is only ONE way to find out …LISTEN to this PODCAST !

Lindsay’s ART is here !



And HERE is an article about Lindsay !

Here is a earlier PODCAST with Lindsay !

And BELOW is the amazing Art work Lindsay did for the very FIRST …..

Queer Geeks of Oz !  The gorgeous ‘Mascot’ !

close up chthuli


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