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Whoa – what a show! Dan, Mike, Byron, Michael, Josh, Lissa, Mark & Jason were on the show talking cars, tech and LGBTIQ.

We partnered with Fender Bender to look into what was happening with Autonomous vehicles, beyond the usual Google related stories. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are starting to be included in more vehicles, with some supporting both products.

Mark and Jason were in Singapore for Pink Dot and filled us in on it’s origins. Google came under fire when it banned the app for Lesbian Magazine Curve for the second time – supposedly for breaching its explicit material provisions. Apple made history at WWDC with two women on stage for the first time – continuing it’s ongoing commitment to diversity.

WWDC included a slew of announcements with upgrades for OS X, iOS and Watch OS. Power management seems to be a focus with iOS with a new low power mode, able to eek out another 3 hours of use.

Despite all of that, we were fixated on the prototype oven that can recognise food and cook it so that even the humble bagel can have a crispy top and soft bottom.


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