Hacked Hackers, a bit of BEEB and Saucy QR Codes


Raena, Mark and Michael were at the helm for this weeks show where they looked at the British PM’s thoughts on banning strong encryption in the country. Many questions remain unanswered, including the impact on the economy.

The makers of RCS, the smartphone application designed to remotely turn on the phone’s microphone and collect other data which is used by many Governments around the world, were hacked. The Hacking Team, the name of the Milan based company, had 415GB of data leaked online. Some of it via their twitter feed. Details of a zero day exploit of Adobe Flash was part of the data leaked, prompting Adobe to release yet another patch to it’s software.

Lissa and Jason continue their chat about Women in Tech, from the perspective of a Teacher. They explore the differences between boys and girls and how each approach and use technology.

BBC Micro:bit

BBC Micro:bit

The BBC have revived the BBC Micro, this time in the form of the Micro:bit. The tiny circuit board, supporting a processor, a couple of switches, LEDs and powered by batteries will be given away to every Year 7 student across the UK. Supported by websites and teachers, the program hopes to lift student interest in computing beyond playing games and texting.

A German man, scanning the promotional QR code on his bottle of tomato sauce, reached a website that he was not expecting. The porn site had used a domain name that the sauce makers had let lapse.