Ep. 13 – The Gender Agenda MARDI GRAS Special 2018


Ladies, gentlemen, and distinguished non-binary friends; hold onto your hats because MARDI GRAS IS UPON US! On a very special episode of The Gender Agenda, hosts Miri, Becka, Esther and Rowan talk to Shae and Lee, a couple of non-binary trans masc folk on the cusp of popping their Mardi Gras cherries. Plus we talk to Katherine Wolfgramme, an amazing transgender hero who fought to get a popular slur taken out of pubs and clubs. Also, Miri talks Mardi Gras’ trans history, and Rowan presents the very best Warm and Fluffy content. Featuring music by Kylie Minogue, Paul Mac, Dee Lite, Scissor Sisters, Abba, and Laura Jane Grace. Tune in!