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This week on The Gender Agenda we spoke to 2017 Thomas Shapcott Poetry Prize winner and non-binary deity Rae White about the launch of their new book, Milk Teeth, celebrity, and what it feels like to ‘make it’ as a poet. Hosts Miranda and Rowan talk treating gender non-conforming kids with respect, bathrooms, and why the new lobster emoji is being claimed by trans folk. Featuring music by Electric Fields, Mila Jam, Worriers, Blayke Percival, Mal Blum, Against Me!, and Rory Storm.


About the author: Miranda


Miranda Sparks is a wearer of many hats; web author, public speaker, and most notably as a presenter on Joy 94.9.

Tune in Tuesday nights from 8pm to hear her gab endlessly about pop culture as part of the Geeks Out team.


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