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In a jam-packed episode of The Gender Agenda hosts Miranda, Rebeckah and Rowan were joined by the GLOBE Community Awards Sportsperson of the Year Nominees Carter O’Regan and Trans POV’s Bowie Stover! The team talks footy, fitness, and being trans while giving each other a bit of @#$% along the way.

Plus, in light of media developments, Miranda and crew deliver an important community service message to trans people and our allies.

Featuring music by Felix Shepherd, Mya Byrne, Angel Haze, Namoli Brennet, and Shea Diamond.

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Miranda Sparks is a wearer of many hats; web author, public speaker, and most notably as a presenter on Joy 94.9.

Tune in Tuesday nights from 8pm to hear her gab endlessly about pop culture as part of the Geeks Out team.


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