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Dibs Barisic Sprem

DIBS BARISIC SPREM, Sydney-born personal trainer and fitness professional based in Canada,  helps us all to stay well at home in everyday life without fancy gear. PRINCESS NOKIA provides our music to exercise by and is a queer, non-binary, Puerto Rican rapper and actress from New York. We have uplifting news, our regular warm and fluffy segment and try the links below follow us on the socials @genderagenda.joy

Sign the petition to get top and bottom surgery to be covered by medicare (almost as 21,000+ signatures) – https://www.change.org/p/medicare-top-and-bottom-surgery-to-be-covered-by-medicare 

Speak to access resources and join the community go to www.speak.org.au  The Validation Station – a free daily trans positivity text service, www.validationstation.net  


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Tom multitasks as a medical scientist, housesitter, L2P driving mentor and podcaster on JOY 94.9. Shows include The Gender Agenda, Murphys Law, Stand Up Straight and Word for Word


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