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This week on The Gender Agenda, hosts Rebeckah and Rowan present an encore interview hosted by Miranda and Rowan. They’re with guests Rory Storm and Lou Olsson. We find out what they’ve been up to since their last appearance, the importance of names, and Lou’s coming out as genderqueer at the work Christmas party. Our feature music is from AYE NAKOAYE NAKO are a Californian punk duo made up of Mars Ganito on vocals and guitar, and Joe McCann on bass. Both are non-binary and said their music promotes a “community-oriented, anti-capitalist, LGBTQ-friendly ideology”. Our regular segments on trans news and warm and fuzzy wrap it all up in this podcast and you can always contact us at thegenderagenda@joy.org.au  

This show aired on August 6th 2020.


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Tom multitasks as a medical scientist, housesitter, L2P driving mentor and podcaster on JOY 94.9. Shows include The Gender Agenda, Murphys Law, Stand Up Straight and Word for Word


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