Being gender non-binary on the Census, dyke is a dirty word and Ramadan fundraising

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A very mixed show tonight on The Informer as Shannon Power takes you through the news that you won’t hear anywhere else.

  1. Only 1300 people identified as a gender other than male or female on the 2016 Australian Census. Why? Those numbers are realistic and Sue Taylor, Director 2016 Census, tells us why there is so much more work to do in getting gender right on the Census.
  2. Is ‘dyke’ a dirty word? Facebook seems to think so and keeps banning lesbians from using it, including Dy kes On Bikes Queensland & Listening 2 Lesbians.
  3.  Marhaba Melbourne hosted a fundraising Iftar during Ramadan to help gay men escape persecution in Chechnya. Imam Nur Warsame tells us more.