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Over the last two years we’ve seen twenty-two countries legalese same sex marriage. This week, the possibility of marriage equality in Australia heated up again, with it being reported that some liberal MP’s are threatening to introduce a private members bill next week when parliament resumes next week.

So could we have marriage equality in Australia in the next 7 days?

Thats the question we asked on this episode of The Informer, as Daniel Roberts and Cait Kelly look deeper into why we are still talking about as well as get the real lay of land of what could really happen in Canberra with what we know right now.

With Vox Pops on the street as well as interviews from a call from the leading national advocacy group, The Equality Campaigns event earlier in the day where they called on the Australian Government to deliver Marriage Equality via a conscious vote when it resumes next week. They hear from Lord Mayor Robert Doyle, Tiernan Brady from AME, Co-Chair of The Equality Campaign Anna Brown and CEO of Stand Up Events Angie Green as well as other allies who want to lend their voice to making this happen.


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