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Matthew Wade, the editor of the Star Observer is your host on tonight’s Journo’s Corner.

He’s joined by his Brisbane colleague, Jess Jones, Domain’s Adrian Lowe and Gay Star News’ Shannon Power.

The topics tonight covered were:

– Marriage equality:  Given recent reports that a private members’ bill could be introduced when parliament returns and a handful of Liberal MPs have suggested they may cross the floor on the issue, should we get our hopes up? Or will the whole issue become more of a mess in government and further delay reform?
– The Australian Human Rights Commission’s report on sexual assault at universities. LGBT people were found to face higher rates of assault when compared to their straight peers, and some respondents said they didn’t report assaults because they feared copping a homophobic or transphobic reaction. How we can we make LGBTI sexual assault / harassment more visible and make survivors more comfortable reporting it?

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