‘We thought we were doing better than that & there is still work ahead of us’: Victimization in LGBTI communities & reporting to Vic Police


On Thursday May 17th, Victoria Police published the findings of a report into police and young LGBTI people’s perceptions of each other.


Fifty-eight per cent of the young LGBTI people surveyed said they didn’t believe police understand young LGBTI people’s issues with a mixed level of trust in police on various measures.

Almost 95 per cent of young LGBTI respondents had experienced some sort of discriminatory abuse in their lifetime, but only half indicated that they’d report a prejudice-motivated crime to police.

There were 20 recommendations that the report made to Victoria Police under four key themes –leadership, capacity building, GLLOs (LGBTI Liaison Officers), and reporting processes.

Some of the recommendations were to:

  • provide a more visible police presence at young LGBTI people’s events
  • increase training on LGBTI issues for recruits, current officers and senior police
  • promote the role of GLLOs to increase awareness in LGBTI communities
  • consider recruitment strategies to increase LGBTI diversity within Victoria Police.

Rachel Tyler Jones and Dean Arcuri sat down with Priority Communities Division Commander Stuart Bateson and unpacked the findings of the report, exploring how Victoria Police can meet the needs of our LGBTI communities as well as build greater awareness within the force.


This segment of The Informer aired on JOY 94.9 on 22nd May 2018.