How many times do you need to come out? As many times as you want as the Coming Back Out Ball returns!

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The Herald Sun & John Masanauskas have The Coming Back Out Ball in their sights after the City of Melbourne approved a $75,000 grant for the night, celebrating gay elders and honouring the sacrifices they have made to give us the equality we have today.

Citing Councilor Beverley Pinder,

“I don’t know how many times you come out,”.

“Do you come out once, or several times every year?

“I’m confused about that.”

With Pinder stating, “With so many other priorities, including childcare and homelessness, I feel that $75,000 for a ball is not good use of ratepayers’ money,” even though the event was supported by the City of Melbourne.

So what is the Coming Back Out Ball about, and why is it so important?

Now on The Informer we speak to one of the organisers after last year’s Coming Back Out Ball as well as Catherine Barrett about the importance of not only supporting and listening to our LGBTI elders, but giving them the space to live their lives as who they are, a luxury that wasn’t afforded to many of them.

Coming Back Out Ball photo by Bryony Jackson

This segment aired on 26th June 2018 on JOY 94.9