Yes Week!!! Bisexual Rights And Plebiscite Impact With Special Guest Baden Offord


This week in the B-Hive, Anthony is sick with the death flu, so Ruby and James are joined by Jess to form the triple bi and tackle Yes week, as well as some of the Bisexual specific issues as a result of the plebiscite. We get into discussing straight privilege, bisexual mental health and queer capital in heterosexual relationships, as well as how bisexual identity is handled in our personal relationships.
Director of the Center for Human Rights Education, Curtin University LGBTQ advisory committee member and very special guest Baden Offord joins us to talk about the human rights implications of the marriage equality ‘debate’ and some of the issues surrounding Bisexual visibility, as well as some of the ways that bisexuality has to be seen as ‘legitimate’.
We also talk about the implications of Bi-erasure in the face of the law and how it impacts the bisexual individuals and our wider community including mental health and the strain on relationships.
Don’t forget to post your Yes vote, and keep supporting your LGBTQIA+ friends and family!

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