This week, certified dance professionals Anthony and Ruby are joined by Safety and Inclusivity Coordinator Kate Pern, to talk about Cool Room, a monthly event organisation that provides queer centered, accessible and diverse safe spaces to promote safety and inclusion within the Melbourne dance scene.
Cool Room addresses the culture of accepted harassment which takes place in many venues and stresses the importance of feeling safe when out at a venue, seeking to display underrepresented artists advocating around and implementing strong anti-harassment policies at their events.
Kate is an activist who through Cool Room, advocates radical inclusion policies to celebrate freedom and body autonomy in spaces where women, queer folk and gender diverse individuals can have a great time with greater community responsibility for the prevention of assault and harassment on dance floors. She also assures us that we wont be kicked out for bad dancing (Which is very reassuring)
We talk about the importance of creating safe music spaces as well as the growing cultural shifts in venues which allow inclusion policy to celebrate body autonomy and give marginalized people room to access and celebrate diverse artists.

You can like Cool Room here, and check out their next event here! Also check out Kate’s Soundcloud here for some amazing tunes

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