28 December 2014



Show 216

Freeze Frame by The J Geils Band.  This is their second biggest hit and came out in 1981.

You can Leave Your Hat on by Joe Cocker.  1986 single from Cocker, his 10th album. Also on the soundtrack to 9.5 Weeks.  He died this week.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow, live by Patti LaBelle.  Request.

Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.  Request.

Walking on Sunshine by Katrina & the Waves.  Request.

Innocent by Luba. 1986 single from this Ukrainian Canadian.  I LOVED this track back in 1986-7!  It’s from her 5th studio album, 3rd Eng language one, Between Earth and Sky, also from 1986.

Miss MacBeth by Elvis Costello.  A Bill Young song…  by Declan Patrick MacManus … aka Elvis Costello.  From 1989’s album Spike.

Autostop by Anna Vissi and the Epikouri.  Request.  1980 Eurovision entry for Greece.

Mia Bocca by Jill Jones. Her debut solo single from 1987 after having spent the early part of the decade backing up Prince and Teena Marie.

Black is Black by Belle Epoque. Female vocal trio, based in Paris, France. The group first rose to popularity in 1977 with this disco remake of the song, “Black Is Black”, originally a hit in 1966 for the Spanish group Los Bravos.

Somewhere in my Heart by Aztec Camera. 1988 single from Love, their 3rd studio album; it was also their biggest hit.

Aussies from 1986

*Ghostworld by Models. From Models’ Media, their 5th and final studio album, released in late 1986.

*Say Goodbye by Hunters & Collectors. First release from Human Frailty, their 4th studio album…both released in 1986.

*Stoneage Cinderellas by Died Pretty. 1986 single and the final track from their debut album of the same year, Free Dirt.

*Hungry Town by Big Pig. 1986 debut single from the band. It was also on their 1988 debut album, Bonk and their 1986 self-titled debut EP.

*Don’t Dream it’s Over by Crowded House. Their final 1986 single. It’s also on their self-titled debut album from 86.

*Wait Up by The Cockroaches. Their only 1986 single and the first release from their 1987 self-titled debut album. Previously they’d released a pile of non-album singles going back as far as 1980.

Take me I want You by Madonna.  Request.  1981 b-side.

Army Dreamers by Kate Bush.  Request.  1980

Modern Living by Experimental Products. They were from Philly and the two members, Michael Gross and Mark Wilde, did everything…all music, writing, art, recording, production, etc.. Everything.  They never made it big but did garner very positive reviews along the way.  Wilde died in 1987 but Gross is still around, managing a Yahoo site for the band. This is the first track on their only full length album, Prototype, from 1982.

Don’t Tell Me Lies by Breathe. Their debut single from 1987.  They’re better known for Hands to Heaven but I thought I’d try something else, to see if I like it better…

Woman in Love by Barbra Streisand. 1980 hit single that seems to have been remade sometime a bit later into a much faster tune and used frequently by one of my RPM instructors.

Everywhere that I’m Not by Translator. 1982 hit from the album Heartbeats and Triggers.