LGBTIQ Women’s Health Conference


Kia Kaha – Stay Strong! This episode begins with poet Gabrielle Journey Jones rapping about the things that make conference delegates feel resilient.  Renee is joined in the studio by Kayla Larson, together wrapping up the recent Thorne Harbour Health led LGBTIQ Women’s Health Conference. What a time to be a Queer woman! Kayla coordinated the conference on July 12/13 where Thorne Harbour saw the biggest attendance yet, with around 500 women from all around Australia over two days. Renee and Kayla give conference speakers Ruby Mountford and Ashleigh Waite a call to chat about their conference experience. Finally, the show finishes with a candid and jovial wrap up rap from the girls…

This show, Episode #628 originally aired Thursday 19th July, 2018.