AIDS 2018 conference Special - Part one - Well Well Well on JOY 94.9 AIDS 2018 – Part I

The International AIDS Conference occurs every two years somewhere around the globe. This year AIDS 2018 is held in Amsterdam. Many people may recall Melbourne hosting the event just four years ago – AIDS 2014. Our latest episode marks the opening day of AIDS 2018 in Amsterdam.

The conference offers an opportunity for the international HIV and AIDS community to gather to find out the latest developments in the global response to the epidemic.

Well, Well, Well’s Cal was at the conference to adsorb the community mobilisation, and key findings from research which informs the way we look at and respond to the changing landscape of HIV in Australia and abroad.

With the help of Michael back in the JOY 94.9 studios we were able to unpack just some of the highlights from the first day of AIDS 2018 including:

  • Progress in the development of “Digital PrEP” which provides a new technological mechanism to study and monitor PrEP adherence – with Dr Sara H Browne, MD MPH Association Professor of Medicine from University of California San Diego & President, Specialists in Global Health
  • Results from the the Partner2 Study which looked at serodifferent gay male couples further confirming that U=U, even amongst MSM – with Alison Rodger MD, University College London, UK
  • Additional findings from the iFacts study around the possibility of feminizing hormone impacting the efficacy of PrEP amongst trans women – with Akarin Hiransuthikul MD from the Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre

The AIDS2018 conference its also the perfect platform for community activists and health advocates to voice their concerns and call for action on outstanding issues impacting the epidemic but often just the basic human rights of those communities disproportionately affected by HIV and AIDS. The AIDS 2018 Mobilsation March kicked off the conference focusing on the global issues being taken to the streets of Amsterdam by an international community of activists and health advocates such as:

  • Olave Basabose, a non-binary trans femme, feminist, activist, lawyer, writer an politician. Olave is born in Burundi, at the age of nine she moved to the Netherlands.
  • Annah Sango who comes from Zimbabwe and an advocate for young people from LGBTI and other communities – to maintain their health and well being and for them to know about their sexual and reproductive health and rights and HIV/AIDS.
Cal also spoke to those participating in the Mobilsation March as it continued along the streets of Amsterdam, blocking off the city until it finished at the conference centre. Some highlights were:
  • Venezuelan activists rising up to bring visibility to the sobering issue of inaction on HIV and AIDS in their home country
  • Thorne Harbour CEO Simon Ruth comparing with Cal AIDS2014 in Melbourne to AIDS2018 in Amsterdam, and what the conference means for researchers, community, and for the host city
  • Sydney based HIV activist Ruan Uys who completed a trek from Brussels to Amsterdam in time to undertake the march.


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