Performance and Image Enhancing Drugs


Steroids, hormones, peptides – performance and image enhancing drug (PIED) use isn’t just the realm of bodybuilders and elite athletes. In fact, PIEDs may even be more commonplace in our LGBTI communities than you think. For this episode of Well, Well, Well, Cal talks to Dr Renae Fomiatti and Emily Lenton from the National Drug Research Institute’s Social Studies of Addiction Concepts Program at Curtin University.

With a discussion around who is using PIEDs and what are some of the serious associated risks, they unpack some of the issues surrounding PIEDs as well as some of the challenges in ensuring the communities engaging in PIED use get the health information they need to minimise harm and look after their wellbeing.

(UPDATE – November 2018): Participation in the research mentioned during this episode is now closed. However, the PIEDs portal is now online and aims to offer a dedicated publicly accessible research resource presenting key materials for interested researchers, health practitioners, policymakers and consumers. It also aims to support and allow people who use PIEDs to anonymously access information.

For further information about the portal or the project to which it’s linked, please contact project research coordinator Dr Renae Fomiatti:


This show, Episode #638 originally aired Thursday 27th September, 2018.

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