Northide Bizarre podcast from Well Well Well on JOY 94.9Northside Bizarre is upon us!

The much-loved Northside Bizarre has been called ‘a mini-Folsom Street party fundraiser’ for two of Melbourne’s biggest LGBTI community organisations – JOY 94.9 and Thorne Harbour (FKA VAC)‘s David Williams Fund.

Hosted by The Laird, the event has expanded over the years to take over the neighbouring Collingwood Masonic Hall and the section of Henry Street that runs between the two iconic venues.

This all-day event sees over 1500+ attendees come through and it keeps getting bigger and bigger. The event offers an opportunity outside of the typically summer festival season for the LGBTI community to come together while also supporting two of the largest organisations serving the local gender, sex, and sexually diverse community – JOY 94.9 and Thorne Harbour.

Renee and Michael chat to Brett Lasham from the Laird Hotel about the 8th edition of this community street fair – filled with auctions, artisan stalls, performances, and  other kinky creations.


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This show, Episode #642 originally aired Thursday 18th October 2018.

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