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How marriage equality has impacted our LGBTI health

Acknowledging the one year anniversary since Australia voted YES for marriage equality, Cal Hawk invites Lee Carnie from the Human Rights Law Centre and longstanding LGBTI community advocate Jamie Garner back into the studio to reflect on the impact of achieving marriage equality on the health and wellbeing of our LGBTI communities.

Plus, the 2018 Victorian State Election is underway and the announcement of a national election is anticipated in the coming months. If we’re to harness the momentum in addressing civil inequities standing between LGBT communities and better health and wellbeing, where should we focus our attention next? Lee and Jamie offer some insight as they touch on some of those issues featured in the recently released LGBTI+ Priorities election document.

In this episode, the discussion picks up where we left off on a range of topics including the Religious Freedom Review earlier this year as well as the End the Hate Report released by the Human Rights Law Centre in recent months, exploring hate motivated speech and violence against LGBTI communities.


This show, Episode #646 originally aired Thursday 15th November 2018.

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