This is a Public Cervix Announcement!

Did you know the cervical cancer screening rates amongst LGBTI people with a cervix are much lower than our non LGBTI peers? 1 in 5 people Victorians with a cervix who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, same sex attracted, transgender, or who have an intersex variation have never had a pap test (the previous cervical cancer screening method)

That’s where the P{ublic Cervix Announcement comes in. This campaign produced by the Cancer Council Victoria in partnership with Thorne Harbour Health aims to debunk myths around who needs to get screened for cervical cancer.

Michael talks with Rachel Cook – Thorne Harbour Health’s Women’s Health Project Lead about the campaign and how new screening methods may improve health outcomes for LGBTI people with a cervix.

Aram Hosie chats on the phone about being the trans-masculine representation in the campaign and how in reaching our diverse range of LGBTI people with a cervix, visibility is so important.


This show, Episode #647 originally aired Thursday 22nd November 2018.

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