The Desert Rose - Kathy Baldock

A Rose among the Thorns: Episode Producer Nathan Despott, Host Dean Beck and Guest Kathy Baldock

Churches throughout the country, profess to be “welcoming” of LGBTI people – but they are not affirming. What seems like a happy medium to many conservative evangelicals, is actually one of the most harmful positions for LGBTIQ people of faith.

Some of the strongest international voices speaking out against LGBTIQ inclusion are currently, or will shortly, be touring Australia to deliver their “so-called-truth” in advance of Australia’s plebiscite on marriage equality.  To challenge these ‘imports’ the Brave Network, Australian Equality Party and Collin’s St Baptist Church recently sponsored a special visitor to offer a counter-point.

Emerging from the grand canyon that divides middle-America’s bible belt on issues of faith and sexuality, rises a straight, middle-class, middle-aged, conservative evangelical divorcee.  Her expertise in the psychological, historical, and theological aspects of the church’s engagement with LGBTIQ people delivers a compelling argument for inclusion and acceptance of all.  Her courageous voice has empowered Churches and their congregations to embrace acceptance and understanding of LGBTIQ people, transforming the lives of those struggling to reconcile their sexuality and faith.  Her work saves lives.


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Today, Kathy Baldock is one of the United States’ foremost advocates for LGBTIQ people of faith. She heads her own organisation – Canyonwalker Connections – and is a board member of The Reformation Project, one of the world’s largest networks for LGBTIQ Christians. Her work provides vital context for any person wishing to successfully engage faith and sexuality in public conversation.

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