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oh hi there, haven’t seen you all in a minute!

ok so don’t wanna brag but – TWO HUGE INTERVIEWS – including the head leaders from students strike for climate change which has gone viral within our youthful community all around the world including here in Melbourne where Emma and Fatima chat to us about it.

oh wait I forgot Leea Nanos, who you may recognise from Australia decides Eurovision is also in, talking all the fame and success at only 16, such a young youthful pretty voice, we also listen to her new song ‘Set Me Free’

also… ummm… very awks Sam hasn’t seen Mean Girls the one and only, so we recap it all for him… so if you haven’t either… maybe don’t mention it to your friends ahaha #thatstofetch

love u youthers!


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just a big-town millennial who wants to become one of the next public figures for the LGBTIQA+ communities, currently a presenter and producer for Joy's only youth show, 'Youth In Control', as well as an assistant producer and Office Admin for 'Driving you Mad, Driving you Crazy'.


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