We are everywhere … & more important than the Kardashians?


“We” are everywhere  – it can’t be denied!     This week we open the commemorative register on gay notables:
Stephen Fry UK actor, comedian, presenter and author – born 24/8/1957;
Brian Epstein UK artists manager, Beetles Manager – died 27/8/1967; and
Michael Jackson US singing and dancing phenomenon born 29/8/1958.

Less well known, but just as worthy of our interest is Ludwig II King of Bavaria (born 25/8/1845) , sometimes referred to as the “mad swan king” – wildly eccentric in his gay ways, even OTT , including his penchant for creating ornate castles and palaces.
But even more importantly, we remember Karl-Heinrich Ulrich born 28/8/1825 – first-known out-of-the-closet Gay Activist of the modern era, and we speak with academic Dr Douglas Pretsell (PhD Cambridge) about this fascinating person. Sunday 27/8/2017 commemorates the 150-year-anniversary of his public and empassioned defence of man-love and aim of equality to the Congress of German Jurists in Munich.

Tristan Meecham joins us to promote both the Dance Club for GLBTI Elders and Friends – Sunday 10 Sept 2-5pm, Fitzroy Town Hall and the formal Coming Back Out Ball – Dinner, Dancing & Drinks – on Saturday 7 Oct at the Melbourne Town Hall 6pm. For more info, contact Tristan at  > < or go to

We make rumbles about the myths surrounding the ‘story’ of Australia Day – an invention since 1935, and as a national day of commemoration only since 1994.  We chat about ‘the rabbit-proof fence’ – both the 110 year old fence and the more modern film of stolen aboriginal children.

These stories and more ….

First broadcast 22 August 2017.