Welcome to the 2021 Better Together Conference Podcast. Recorded live at the Adelaide Convention Centre on the 18th and 19th of June, 2021. These sessions were proudly recorded and produced by JOY 94.9.  

Allies are invited to ask 5 LGBT people aged over 60 about their experiences as same-sex attracted and/or transgender people.

If you’ve ever had questions about the LGBT community or what it’s like to be gay, lesbian or transgender but too afraid to ask or not known who to ask, the LGBTI Connect team will be hosting a “You Can(‘t) Ask That” style panel session. Allies are invited to submit their anonymous, respectful questions at the ECH stall.

Facilitator: Robyn Lierton (Community Engagement and Diversity Manager, ECH).  

Speakers: Stephanie Russell LGBTI Connector, ECH), Marg Beagley, Bill Gaston (ECH), Barry Horwood (ECH), Pam PRice (ECH) 

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