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Lesbian heavyweights Dee and Fiona (Joy) join Gina and Bec as they explore unsolicited parenting advice.

On this podcast we are joined by new mum Fiona, from the award winning Chicks Talkin’ Footy, and Dee who is well known for giving unsolicited parenting advice with her hilarious segment  ‘Parenting advice from a single childless lesbian,’ from Thursday’s drive show Driving you Homo


Dee & Fiona give advice on:

  • When you hear the phrase “It’s an old soul” and what that’s really code for.
  • How to deal with a ‘ginger’ baby?
  • Oozo, brandy, whisky or gin?
  • Tips on how to pick a name for the baby.
  • Learn why Dee shouldn’t nap but your kids should
  • More tips for changing nappies
  • #babyspam How many instagram posts of baby/kids per week?
  • Raising your baby in Gods love and what you can (but won’t) learn from Christian mummy blogs



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