Unsolicited Parenting Advice from fabulous Italian Mama Jo Hirst



Jo Hirst, author of ‘The Gender Fairy’ a picture book for transgender children, advocate for transgender and gender diverse children, joins Family Matters on a historic day following a ruling by the Family Court.

The court today decided it would no longer intervene in cases where children have the permission of their parents and their treating doctors for stage 2 treatment.

After a hateful no marriage equality campaign that targeted our trans & gender diverse community – this was an outcome worth truly celebrating.

The team and Mama Jo shares Unsolicited Parenting Advice about:

  • dealing with ethnic grandparents and boundaries
  • ethnic superstitions protecting your child from the evil eye
  • health tips; taping raw garlic taped to a belly button for colds
  • making a whiteboard chores list for enthusiastic guests
  • the true saints, your maternal health nurse
  • does one breast really provide sweet milk and the other savory?