Proven sleeping tips with the baby whisperer Shae Cox


Shae Cox, a mother of three young children, is often dubbed “the baby whisperer by family, friends, and colleagues, she is known well for her ability to settle the most unsettled babies, and relax and rebalance a child who is having the “mother of all tantrums!”

Shae joins the team to bust some sleep myths and give us researched tips on settling your little one.

With a core focus on emotional wellbeing and nurturing the parent-child connection, Shae understands that there is no singular approach when targeting sleep routines. A skilled listener, Shae holds the utmost consideration for your family’s unique needs and circumstances. She will work with you to personalise a plan specific to your lifestyle, family environment, parenting style and goals; equipping you with the essential foundations for sustainable and healthy long-term sleep patterns.

We also speak with Fiona from Chicks Talking Footy who updates us on her recent Sleep School (aka the Big Brother house) experience.

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