Interview: Chloe Allworthy & her quest to find her donor dad


When Chloe discovered she was donor conceived she knew she wanted to search out her donor. She thought the search would be quite easy. It was far from that. Hear her amazing story here.

On Saturday, October 6, 2018 VARTA host their annual seminar Time to Tell.

The Time to tell seminar provides tips on how, when and what to say to children, friends and family so that parents feel more confident about their story, and children can understand the unique way in which they came into this world.

Speakers include counsellors, parents from different families, donors and donor-conceived young people. You will gain insight and advice on all aspects of talking to children about becoming a family with the help of donated eggs, sperm embryos or a surrogate. Potential parents, parents, friends, family, donors and professionals are all welcome.