The leaks & the facts – Ruddock Religious Freedom Review


On the 10th October, segments of the Ruddock Religious Freedom Review Report were leaked to the press suggesting recommends for religious schools to turn away LGBTQ students should be made consistent across the country.

The leaks also suggested that schools would have to publicly outline their policy on the matter and that these measures would only affect students, as schools set up for religious purposes already have the right to take such matters into account when hiring staff or contractors.

Currently Commonwealth, state and territory legislation presents a variety of provisions regarding discrimination based on sexual orientation and exemptions for religious schools. This news was a shock to many in the community.

To understand the potential impact of these changes, the current law and the impact of this leak, we speak with;

  • Anna Brown, Director – Legal Advocacy, Human Rights Law Centre and Co-Chair of the Equality Campaign
  • Felicity Marlowe, Rainbow Families Victoria, Executive Director
  • Jo Hirst, author and advocate for transgender and gender diverse children Board member PGDC.

Without the release of the full report, many of us are understandably worried about the impact another public debate about our children and our families. Sensationalist media headlines and sound bites are adding to that anxiety.

In order to end the unnecessary speculation about the report and to mitigate the distress being experienced by members of our rainbow family communities, Rainbow Families Victoria have written & urged the PM to release the Ruddock Religious Freedom Review Report. You can read their letter in full here: http://www.rainbowfamilies.org.au/advocacy/federal/

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