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Helen PankhurstLife-saving animals, major music awards, neighbourly relations and major feminist icons are all featured on this week’s show.  If you’d like to cry, laugh out loud, reflect, or be irritated at Justin Bieber, there’s something here for everyone.

From Pets-A-Loud: Heroic Animals

Often we see stories of animals being rescued by compassionate humans, however, from time to time we see stories where it is actually our animals who do the rescuing. On this edition of Pets-A-Loud the team celebrates the heroic acts of our companion animals.

From Lunchbox: Justin Bieber and the ARIAs

Each week, hear some of the best bits of JOY’s breakfast and drive teams on the Lunchbox. If you listen to Little Pod of JOY, you’ll enjoy the Lunchbox with Bas and BJ on Wednesdays 12PM!

From Jax and Greta: The Update

Greta gives directions while on a journey to becoming mayor of Melbourne or at least somewhere, Jax talks about her weekend pastime of attending weddings, and they discuss the update we’ve all been waiting for. What has been going on with Jax’s neighbour’s stripper pole?

From Second Breakfast: Helen Pankhurst

Sonja has the great honour to interview Dr Helen Pankhurst, a direct descendant of Emmeline Pankhurst, the steely Edwardian matriarch famously photographed being hoisted away from a protest at the gates of Buckingham Palace by a policeman. Emmeline was Helen’s great-grandmother.  Dr Helen Pankhurst is senior advisor for the Water Team of CARE USA and ambassador for CARE International. She is in Australia to travel with the very first screening previews of Suffragette, the new movie based on the suffragette feminist movement in the UK from the early 20th century.


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Alice Berkeley is queer, cat-obsessed and can often be found loitering around JOY looking vague and suspicious.


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