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Biance Bradey headshotYouTube stars, world-class scientists, local musicians and Scream Queens are all gathered together in this week’s show!

From Cheap SeatsLGBTIQ on YouTube

Summer in the City is the UK’s largest YouTube convention.  Each year it brings together YouTube creators and fans in a celebration of online video and the community that surrounds it. Dean is in the Cheap Seats for a panel discussion from the 2014 event about LGBTQ community representation on YouTube.

From Word for Word: The Doherty Institute

Dean puts the spotlight on two of Australia’s greatest scientists, Laureate Professor Peter Doherty and Professor Sharon Lewin, and focuses on the work conducted at the Doherty Institute which hosted the World AIDS Day 2015 activities and events in Melbourne on December 1.

From Her VoiceJay Power

AnneLoise and Barbara were joined in the studio by Adelaide musician Jay Power who released her fourth studio album The Missing this year. We chatted to the Soul and RnB singer about her career and how she changed directions to get back to do the music she really wants to play.

From SciFi & Squeam: Bianca Bradey

Sonja “The Squeamer” Hammer talks to actress Bianca Bradey, whose breakout role was Brooke from WYRMWOOD and who stars in Australian cult lesbian webseries STARTING FROM…NOW, about being a special guest at the A Night of Horror International Film Festival opening Thursday the 26th of November in Sydney.


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