Rainbow Report on Gellibrand: Labor’s Safest Seat


pic by LockTheGate

pic by LockTheGate

Next week we’ll be heading out to Dunkeley, one of the most marginal seats in this election, to talk to the candidates there.

This week we’re looking at the safest Labor seat in the country, Nicola Roxons old home of Gellibrand.

I’ll be chatting with the man who probably expects to take the seat easily, Tim Watts from Labor. Snapping at his heels and hoping to take a big bite out of his majority is someone well known to JOY listeners, Green candidate Rod Swift.

Also standing, from polar opposites of the social spectrum, we have Anthony O’Neill from the Australian Christians, and Allan Cashion, from the Australian Sex Party.

David McConnell, from the Liberals, and Dwayne Singleton of the Palmer United Party, both send their apologies, as they have functions to attend. Independent candidate the Raw Food Vegan Doctor John Green did not respond to my messages.


Antony O’Neill made several unverifiable claims about gay couples during the show, including that same-sex couples earn 29% more than heterosexual couples. The Conversation has fact-checked that statement and discovered it’s largely untrue, though the picture is complex. Click through for details.