Rainbow Report (partly) on Dunkley: A Coalition Marginal


Girls-wearing-UGGsThe show was supposed to be all about the outer suburban electorate of Dunkley, which takes in the fleshpot of Frankston as well as more upmarket areas such as Mount Eliza and Mornington.

It’s held by the Shadow Minister for Small Business Bruce Billson, who, like almost all other Liberal candidates the Rainbow Report has approached, did not return calls, or even acknowledge them.

Dunkley is a marginal, with only about 1% separating Billson from his Labor rival, Sonya Kilkenny. The Greens are represented by Simon Tilley. And the effervescent Eloise Palmi, is standing for the Australian Sex Party.

Thanks to the last minute withdrawal of  Sonya Kilkenny for personal reasons, however, I was unable to bring you the candidate round table as planned.

Instead, year 11 student Brenna Harding from the Wear It Purple campaign joined us straight from this years campaign launch: 70 schools are taking part in this anti-bullying day on August 30, up from 24 last years.

Wear it Purple Day was established in 2010 by two young Australians, in response to a number of suicides as the result of bullying based on sexuality and gender identity.  For more, see or social media (Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr: @wearitpurple, Instagram: @wear_it_purple)

And finally, out gay Liberal candidate for Melbourne Ports, Kevin Ekendahl, following criticism of his how-to-vote card (which directs preferences to anti-gay parties like Family First & Democratic Labour), explains how he had no choice in the matter, and strongly asserts his support for same sex marriage.