Rainbow Report: Post Election – New Directions


Newtown Graffiti

Well, it happened. Kevin Rudd is consigned to history, unless he’s going to sit on the back benches stirring a cauldron and muttering “three time is the charm”, in which case we’re all screwed.

Meanwhile Tony Abbott is moving into Kirribilli. I’d check the curtain poles for raw prawns if I were you, Tony.

The world has changed, and we are going to have to change with it. The most obvious casualty is marriage equality: fat chance of that for at least 3, probably 6 years.

Australian Marriage Equality is regrouping and refocussing, appointing a new Director of Strategic Engagement. He’s the former chair of Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras (or whatever it’s called this week), Peter Urmson.

Change is also happening in the Defence Forces, with the prestigious Army Journal carrying an article by a gay servicemember Peter Dominic about the experiences of out and closeted personnel. Vince Chong of DEFGLIS joins us.

Tony Abbott won a commanding majority in the lower house, but with many young voters disengaged from the election process – over a quarter aren’t even enrolled – will his government be acceptable to them?

In a disquieting incident, provocative queer students from Macquarie Uni, were shut down by campus security when they tried to sell Fuck Tony Abbott t-shirts.  We talk to Cat Rose, NUS Queer Officer, who made the shirts.

Other LGBTI advocates are worried that gains made under Labor might be rolled back:  Morgan Carpenter, the new president of Organisation International Intersex Australia, worries their needs could fall off the agenda again.

Join me as we begin the final run to the End of The Rainbow.