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This week, Raena and Michael looked at two new phones – targeted at two very different consumers.  The $35 Firefox OS based phone destined for India and the super secure Blackphone with bundled encryption and security software.

China has blocked access to privacy conscious search engine DuckDuckGo, extending the restrictions on Internet access in the country.  The NSA’s wide reaching powers to collect data can be traced back to the Reagan era and Google falls foul, yet again, to EU laws on the rights of people to decide how their private data is used.

The Greens are using Grindr to target pink voters – with ads appearing on the users app when they are in the St Kilda/Prahran area. Whilst in Egypt, Grindr users are being warned about entrapment by law enforcement agencies. Snowball is a new Android app that combines a number of different chat apps into a single location, so its easier to manage your chats.

Budgee the robot comes to your rescue when you have run out of hands.  Linked to your smartphone, Budgee is a bag on wheels that will follow you about, carrying your shopping.


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