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In this episode, the old gang are back together, with Ranea joining Michael and Mark from across the ditch via the wonders of fibre optic cable.  We started off with LG’s latest prototype screen, a 1mm thick, 55″ panel that weighs in at just 1.8kg, and sticks to the wall via a magnetic backing.

Uber made local news this week, pushing back against the Australian Tax Office’s stipulation that Uber drivers must charge GST like all other taxi drivers.  Some news for the aviation buffs as well, with a hacker declaring he has been able to gain access to the flight control systems of 20 different airliners while on-board.

Fernando and Behnaz joined us in the studio to talk about their research into video conferencing, focussing on the physical context, and determining whether we adjust our conversation based on our surrounds and the types of technology being used.

And finally, we had a go at Facebook’s “internet.org” campaign, and some timely (but non-legal!) advice for anyone who may be accused of downloading the Dallas Buyers Club illegally.


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