Inside Ex-Gay: the naked truth – The Johns, Control and Authenticity (Part 2 of 4)



Inside Ex-Gay: the naked truth, consists of four radio documentary episodes and a web site full of resources and information to assist members of the LGBTI community who are struggling to reconcile their sexuality and faith.


In this episode of Inside Ex-gay: The Naked Truth, Dean Beck continues to explore the naked truth behind the evangelical ex-gay movement.

Most of Australia’s evangelical leaders still preach that homosexuality is an abomination and a sign of depravity. There is a culture of fear surrounding the many secretly pro-gay leaders working in Australian evangelical churches. Standing up and speaking out against homophobia can cost people their livelihood, their community and family.

Quotes from Leviticus continue to emanate from the pulpit, but many of the theologians who teach these mega-church pastors, are themselves shifting their stance and renouncing homophobia.

Our guests today are two such leaders.  They have come forward to offer a new perspective and to reach out to their fellow evangelical leaders.

Bishop John McIntyre, the Anglican bishop of Gippsland and Reverend Doctor John Capper, are two of Victoria’s most respected Theological educators and what they have to say leaves no doubt as to why a painful divide still remains within the Church.

Both have worked in disadvantaged communities; studied widely, and educated evangelical church leaders. Both have embraced LGBTI-affirming theological positions and both have engaged pastorally and biblically with Christians who are gay.

Further biographical information about the two Johns, a podcast of this show and a collection of other information and resources for ex-gay survivors are avilable via the Inside Ex Gay web site.