Inside Ex-Gay: the naked truth – The Emperor has no Clothes (Part 1 of 4)



Inside Ex-Gay: the naked truth, consists of four radio documentary episodes and a web site full of resources and information to assist members of the LGBTI community who are struggling to reconcile their sexuality and faith.


With the recent shutdown of large ex-gay organisations like Exodus International and Living Waters Australia, you’d think the evangelical gay-to-straight movement was on its last legs.

However, apart from celibacy or inclusion, ex-gay therapy is still the only response to same-sex attraction that evangelical churches have. Motivated by out-dated interpretations of theology and psychology – and often funded by its participants – the ex-gay movement is based on the seductive but toxic idea that same-sex attraction can be removed.  Ex-gay has produced double lives, false success stories, broken families and a trail of suicides.

The movement has attracted increased media attention from Sydney to San Fran to Saint Petersburg through documentaries, radio shows, social media and news media. And when a former ex-gay participant – Melbourne man Damien Christie – took his life in 2013, members of Melbourne’s growing gay Christian community decided to shine the light on the ex-gay movement in Melbourne.

David Lograsso is an ex-gay survivor – and one Damien’s closest friends – who has had enough of the lies and double standards of the ex-gay movement. He is joined by Rachel Goff, a researcher and counsellor who has helped many ex-gay survivors journey towards self-acceptance and wholeness.

Join Dean Beck as he takes us Inside Ex-gay, to discover the naked truth behind the controversies, the carnage and the homophobia that engulfs the ex-gay movement throughout the world and in our own back yard.


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