Inside Ex-Gay: the naked truth – Breaking Free (Part 3 of 4)



Inside Ex-Gay: the naked truth, consists of four radio documentary episodes and a web site full of resources and information to assist members of the LGBTI community who are struggling to reconcile their sexuality and faith.


This third episode of Inside Ex-Gay: the naked truth, features a very special interview with Pastor Cath McKinney and the Convenor of the recently launched Australian Equality Party, Jason Tuazon-McCheyne.

Jason tells his story – from growing up in an evangelical church, studying theology in the US, working as a minister in Melbourne and having to leave the church behind.

Though Jason is now a prominent LGBTI activist, he was once a theology student and evangelical church minister. Many of his gay friends chose to suppress their homosexuality, however Jason chose to leave ministry behind and embrace a committed long term relationship with his now husband of 14 years and together they have a son.

Describing the Church as his “enemy”, Jason feels his many gifts of Christian leadership are not wanted in the church.

Cath McKinney is a church minister who has experienced the suffering and rejection known by Jason in her interaction with many of Melbourne’s ex-gay survivors and LGBTI Christian leaders.

Despite the differing stories, both Cath and Jason have experienced a profound common truth – that being stuck in a place of confusion about sexuality in the midst of an exclusive Christian world can be a deadly thing.

It’s a raw and honest look at life as a gay person of faith in Australia. For more information about this third episode of Inside Ex-gay: the naked truth, or for extra resources about the ex-gay movement in Australia and abroad, please visit the accompanying web site. 


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