Rainbow Report Election: Overlooked Issues plus Melbourne Ports Candidates


squirmingThis week I’m looking at one of those ‘should be an issue but isn’t’ issues: gay conversion therapy – is it dead; the responses of the three major parties to other issues important to our community; plus we meet a couple of candidates from Melbourne Ports.

Earlier in the year you may remember we talked about how we might put a stop to the dangerous and damaging delusion that sexual orientation can be changed.

Much has happened since then, including the closure of the biggest ex-gay organisation, Exodus, and the feeling has been that the industry is dying, especially here in Oz. Or is it? Freelance journo Luke Williams isn’t so sure.

A raft of gay groups got together to ask the three main political parties for their policies on a range of issues affecting our community, that aren’t getting oxygen. The results are now in: Corey Irlam reveals all exclusively on the show tonight.

To round out the evening I’ve more conversations with candidates in important seats, and tonight it’s the turn of Melbourne Ports.

Last week I spoke to out gay Liberal Kevin Ekendahl. This week here in the studio I’ll have the Greens Ann Birrell and the Sex Party’s Melissa Star. Labor’s Michael Danby was also invited but his staff indicated he had other commitments tonight.