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Mark and Michael were somewhat amused but concerned, whilst remaining calm, with Malcolm Turnbull describing the latest copyright motivated Internet filter as not being a filter. In a case of ‘it’s not raining until I tell you it’s raining‘ Turnbull insisted that stopping access to certain sites was not a filter.

Telstra have launched their WiFi anywhere product allowing existing Bigpond customers to get access to WiFi hotspots in commercial areas and to piggy back off other Bigpond customers when not at home. A similar product by Comcast in the US has recently seen one home owner sue for placing a “vast” burden on electricity bills.

Google is the latest tech company to recognise the Trans* community by moving away from a male/female gender identification and allow individuals to self-identify and select the pronoun that Google+ will use when referring to them.

Apple is in court, looking likely to win a 10 year old anti-trust case involving deleting non iTunes store music from a consumers iPod but has lost the right to Trade Mark the words App Store in Australia.

In a lighter note, Barack Obama has been nicknamed the Coder In Chief after writing his first Java line of code – moveForward(100);


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