The Sound of Summer #7: Dolly Diamond and Regan Lynch


It’s been a week since Midsumma Carnival and Jacq and Dan are still buzzing! Jack has been super busy talking to tennis stars at The Australian Open but managed to remember who her real friends are and squeezed Dan in for a quick hour catch up.

Dolly Diamond, Australia’s reigning Queen of cabaret, joins Jacq and Dan and, you guessed it, they laugh.. heaps! If you’ve ever wondered where Dolly got her start or what it’s like working with kids in Shrek The Musical out in Ringwood.. then this is the chat for you. Dolly Diamond’s 15 Year Anniversary Gala hits the Athenaeum Stage on February 3rd at 3pm and 8pm.

Regan Lynch: Does it in Public.. that’s the name of Regan’s show and, yeah, he does! So what?! Regan joins the guys to talk about how his life has changed since being on PrEP and why he decided to write a show about it. He also fills us in on his first steamy, change room, cruising experience… sit yourself under the aircon for this one because things are about to get hot hot hot!

Our year of great tunes was 1991, so get ready fro some Divinyls and Roxette.

Dolly has her chance to save a burning celebrity and Dan has a Quick Flick. Alright Jacq, you can go back to the Tennis now!