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In the studio this week was Michael, Nicole & Luke talking about Apple’s quarterly results and initial feedback on the watch, as it started shipping. Tattoos and Qantas are issues.

Traditional logistic methods are being challenged with a new drone capable of reforesting 1 billion trees a year and Amazon piloting deliveries to your car boot. Sweden’s Uppsala University is releasing DNA mapped sequences under Open Source licensing to make this information available to the scientific community.

Using every opportunity to enforce it’s anti-Gay laws, Russia has accused Apple of promoting Gay Propaganda when it included U2’s album in last years iTunes update. The cover of the album featured the bands drummer and son embracing, shirtless.

Backlash from the gaming community forced Valve to shutdown it’s Mods store. This was an attempt to monetise mods by selling them on their store and splitting revenue between the mod & game developer and Valve. They voluntarily shut down the store after 4 days of protest.

Wheelchair bound 73yo Stephen Hawking displayed a sense of humour when asked about Zayn Malik leaving One Direction.
[box]Stephen Hawking on Zayn Malik




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