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  • Disorderly Internet, Fast Cars, Frozen Eggs and POODLE

    The studio was empty this week as Raena & Michael ventured afar with an outside broadcast to bring to you this special In-Car Edition of Technogaze.

    POODLE is the latest SSL vulnerability taking advantage of a technology that should have been retired long ago. Many websites are now likely to remove SSL 3.0 support which will result in applause from the tech community – as if a wooden stake was driven through the heart of IE6.

    Chinese officials will tame the disorderly internet by prohibiting paid commentary. Affecting journalists and bloggers, the Government prefers that its own web commentators, the Wu Mao to guide public opinion on controversial issues.

    The Tesla S D, for dual, has two motors to independently power the front and rear axles. Making the car super grippy it also improves driving range and allows the vehicle to go from 0-100 in 3.4 seconds. A software upgradeable Autopilot feature relies on in-built sensors, radar and camera to provide adaptive cruise control and in the future – a go-fetch feature where the car will come to you when you are ready to be collected. GM has changed tracks and will now support both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for its vehicles instead of trying to write its own ecosystem. Aftermarket Navdy is a Heads Up Display unit that can be fitted to any existing vehicle to provide emails, texts and navigation that hover 6 feet in front of the windscreen.

    Ello, the ad-free social network, burst onto our consciousness a few weeks ago. According to Google trends, which provides feedback on how often terms are used in Google searches, the interest in Ello has waned as quickly as it had peaked. Could this be goodbye for Ello? Apple & Facebook have added freezing of womens eggs to the medical coverage that they provide to employees – augmenting a number of existing fertility treatments that are available.

    Both Apple & Google released new products this week. The iPad and iPad mini range have been revamped with the iPad2 faster, lighter and cheaper. Whilst Android Lollipop will appear on the latest Google reference devices – the Nexus 6 phone and Nexus 9, iPad Air competitor, tablet.

  • DuckDuckGone, Pollies on Grindr and a Snowball’s chance ..

    This week, Raena and Michael looked at two new phones – targeted at two very different consumers.  The $35 Firefox OS based phone destined for India and the super secure Blackphone with bundled encryption and security software.

    China has blocked access to privacy conscious search engine DuckDuckGo, extending the restrictions on Internet access in the country.  The NSA’s wide reaching powers to collect data can be traced back to the Reagan era and Google falls foul, yet again, to EU laws on the rights of people to decide how their private data is used.

    The Greens are using Grindr to target pink voters – with ads appearing on the users app when they are in the St Kilda/Prahran area. Whilst in Egypt, Grindr users are being warned about entrapment by law enforcement agencies. Snowball is a new Android app that combines a number of different chat apps into a single location, so its easier to manage your chats.

    Budgee the robot comes to your rescue when you have run out of hands.  Linked to your smartphone, Budgee is a bag on wheels that will follow you about, carrying your shopping.

  • Windows 10, Facebook Apology, Ello and Tax Avoidance

    Mark and Michael were in the studio this week and started the show looking at Apple.  There is a #shellshock patch for OS X that was released this week.  Researchers looking at the randomised WiFi MAC addressing on iOS8 discovered that it only worked under very limited circumstances.  Meanwhile the EU has found that Ireland’s and Apples tax arrangements are not legal.

    This week saw the announcement of Windows 10, the replacement for Windows 8.  More of a morph between Win7 & Win8 this is likely to be the last major release from Microsoft with the company moving to smaller and more frequent incremental updates.

    Facebook apologised to the GLBTIQ community over its handling of ‘non-real’ names and has adjusted its definition to names that people use on a daily basis – as opposed to their birth names.  What was Facebook’s loss when they kicked off so many users was new social network Ello’s gain.  Ello has promised not to have any advertising so as to protect people’s privacy by not selling user details to advertisers.

    On a lighter note, Thailand has invented a food tasting machine to check the authenticity of Thai food made overseas.

  • Alibaba shellshocked into space on a bent phone

    It may have been Grand Final day, but Mark and Michael resisted the urge to kick a footy round the studio and opted to look at how a future Space Elevator may change the way we go into space into the future.  The Victorian Government in conjunction with Facebook have launched a campaign to combat cyber bullying with targeted videos and messages to young people and their parents – to help equip them with tools and confidence to react to it.

    Yahoo as an early investor in Alibaba has made a lot of money, but shareholder confidence is still waning.  And Eric Schmidt, the Google Chairman, was doling out advice to the Europeans on accepting disruption or face the peril of higher unemployment.

    The world was #shellshocked by the latest bug found in open source linux.  Lying dormant for 22 years, the bug in the bash shell can be easily exploited by injection type attacks.  There was a lot of noise and probably less substance to the iPhone 6+ bending stories that have occupied the blogosphere this last week.

    Australian ingenuity and fondness for a brew, combined in Queensland with QUT students fermenting leather like textiles.

  • Aussie Community TV’s future in doubt, Apple made a small announcement, Scruff responds to Grindr privacy breach

    In this special extended episode, Adam Richard joins Mark, Raena and Donna to discuss the latest in tech, including Apple’s announcement of the iPhone 6, Apple Watch, and Apple Pay.  We discussed Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s announcement to turn off Community TV here in Australia by discontinuing the allocation of spectrum currently allocated to Channel 31, and other channels across the country.  We also discussed how well entrenched platforms, along with DRM, can very easily enable content to simply vanish from all our devices.

    Grindr’s privacy concerns came up again this week – where it turned out to be very easy to pinpoint the location who had their “distance” featured turned on.  Competitor Scruff responded with a very easy-to-follow explanation of the technological problem, and steps they took 1 year ago to ensure such a breach isn’t feasible on their app.


  • Ned Kelly, 3D printing, Apple Rumours and Creepy Apps

    This week the studio was packed like sardines with Mark, Raena, Donna & Michael looking at Freeview’s new catchup TV service that allows you to watch shows previously broadcast across all free to air channels.

    Paul Mignone from the University of Melbourne was in the studio talking about the upcoming 3D printing showcase.  He brought along a 3D printed head of Ned Kelly, made from his death mask, as well as a printed model of a patients bronchial tree that surgeons used to practice an upcoming surgery.  Paul refused to be drawn as to when we could expect to have a Star Trek type replicator.

    The countdown to Sep 9 has truly begun with more rumours abound of the iWatch, iPhone screen sizes & NFC chips as well as possible new retina displays.  Samsung also released some new devices last week with the release of the Note 4, Galaxy Edge with the curved display, the Gear S watch and an Occulus VR that uses your phone as the snap in display.

    In creepy stories, we looked at a promo video of a Google Glass app that analyses behaviour, blink rate, gender and so on.  Grindr’s location revealing api call was dramatically demonstrated by a developer who dynamically showed Grindr users plotted on a map.  Grindr’s response has been to turn off location identification in countries where it is illegal to be gay.  This led onto a more general discussion about technology and how it can be used, usually against women, to monitor and physicaliy track their location, to their detriment.  The  Domestic Violence Resource Centre has a program called Smart Safe, that aims to educate in how to detect and avoid such situations.



  • Worlds smallest 3G modem, Apple announcement coming soon, heart rate sensing tennis shirts

    In this episode, Raena, Mark, Michael, and Ty discussed all the latest in tech, including the latest figures released on the Amazon Fire phone (and it doesn’t look good). Intel revealed the details of what is believed to be the world’s smallest 3G modem, which comes in at no more than 300mm squared.

    Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 has been released, the third iteration that the software company hopes to bring it into the more contemporary devices and platform world.

    The editor of Aussie gaming site games.on.net published a very poignant statement on the importance of equality in gaming, and declaring that hatred towards females and minority groups is unwelcome on the forum.

    And in government, our Attorney General George Brandis has been asked to put his data where his mouth is, with Australian Greens communications spokesperson – Scott Ludlam – requesting that he publish his own metadata to the Australian people, to demonstrate that there is no harm in revealing metadata in the way the government proposes.

    And finally, we discussed a biometrically aware shirt – which will be used during this year’s US Open to monitor the wearer’s vital signs.

  • The Internet is Full, Accidental Spying, Meta data and URLs

    The vexing question of the week was looked at by Michael, Mark and Ty as rumours bombarded the Internet that it was indeed full!  Outages caused by routers reaching some preset limits at a number of ISPs has been identified as the root cause.  The challenge is how to upgrade the equipment software without causing too much downtime.

    Fresh from their indignation of Angela’s Merkals phone being spied upon by the US, it appears that the German intelligence service (BND – Bundesnachrichtendienst) have spied upon Hillary Clinton.  Angela Merkel is still waiting on the BND to delete the recording as instructed.

    Telstra has been helping ASIO and police forces for some time in providing meta data about internet usage.  This includes URL’s and raises the question yet again about the proposed mandatory data retention laws.

    Apple is looking at giving the humble mouse and USB plug a makeover and Secret, the app, is banned in Brasil as it violates it’s constitution.

  • Telstra buys its way into media content delivery, Uber banned in Berlin, diversity in tech

    In this episode, Michael, Mark, Jason and Raena discuss the latest in tech including Russia’s moves to further track citizens’ Internet usage.  Australia’s biggest telco, Telstra, has bought into it’s way into media content delivery, with its recent $270m acquisition of video platform Ooyala. Australian tech retailer JB Hifi blames Apple’s lacklustre performance with the iPad for its own poor sales results.

    We also discussed recent revelations that the city of Berlin has banned Uber from operating its hire car service within its jurisdiction.

    We compared diversity in gender and minority groups amongst the big tech companies including Apple and Google.  And while on the topic of big tech, a US$350m settlement has been denied by the courts, forcing an imminent trial to thrash out accusations of a conspiracy to avoid poaching each other’s employees.

  • Ranty pants, Spy plants and Dating with your wrist

    Mark, Raena, Jason & Michael kicked off this weeks show looking at rumours surrounding the 09-Sep launch of the iPhone 6.   Larger, faster & better is the general consensus with screen size likely  to grow to 4.7″ and 5.5″, increased resolution to maintain retina display and the faster and more power efficient A8 processor.  The jury is still out as to whether it will have a sapphire screen or not.

    The whole Technogaze crew were fighting for the microphone when we looked at the Governments plans for ISP mandatory data retention.  Confusion over what constitutes meta data and what precisely falls under the data retention umbrella was shared equally across the media and Government members.

    Jason’s ranty pants were thoroughly aired before we looked at plans by the Government to combat online piracy.  The Government is requesting submissions from the public on their discussion paper prior to 01-September.

    MIT used chip packets and indoor plants to spy on conversations using an ordinary video camera, while London Buses are allowing customers to pay for their trips with their phones instead of an Oyster card.  Jason showed off his Android Wear watch and discussed some possibilities of dating app integration.



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