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  • Techdrive, Inflight Internet, Haptic feedback, Commfail, NSA bleeds and NBN vs TPG

    The usual suspects were in the studio this week with Mark, Raena & Michael talking all things tech. With the help of generous listeners and Marks magnificent offer to match dollar for dollar all donations, we surpassed our expectations and managed to raise a large amount of money for Techdrive.  Techdrive is raising money to properly equip volunteers with computers, software, office and recording equipment so we can continue to bring high quality audio production to you.  Thank you for your wonderful support.

    In this episode we took to the air and looked at the technology behind improving the tracking of aeroplanes around the globe.  The FAA has mandated ADS-B on all commercial aircraft by 2020, with planes to report their position every minute to land and satellite based base stations as well as other aircraft.  In-flight internet access is set for a boost with Gogo planning to use geostationary satellites to provide download speeds of up to 70mbs.  Compared with access speeds of 3mbs today, mile high surfing is set to approximate NBN speeds.

    The NBN this week countered TPG’s cherry picking of the fibre-to-the-basement market by announcing its own plans to provide FTTB to 50,000 apartments initially, thereby causing TPG and others to rethink their position.  Heartbleed is still causing ripples, with Bloomberg reporting that the NSA knew about and exploited the vulnerability for the last two years.  Meanwhile if you are a Google Chrome user the Chromebleed extension can help you detect sites that have not been patched.

    During the week the Commonwealth bank suffered an extended outage of its EFT, Internet and phone banking services and then managed to confuse customers with its marketing doublespeak response to Heartbleed related questions.

    On a lighter note we looked at the Alert Shirt from Foxtel that lets you feel what footballers feel, when on the field, with the use of haptic feedback technology.   We closed the show with a look at an upcoming Facebook mobile feature called Nearby Friends, that with opt-in permission, will tell you when friends are in the area – so you can catch up.

  • SSL vulnerabilities that make our hearts bleed, Mozilla CEO dramas, Apple rumours and Microsoft voice control

    If you like what we do, please donate to the JOY 94.9 2014 Tech Drive.

    In this latest episode, Mark, Raena and Michael discussed the OpenSSL vulnerability known as “Heartbleed”, including what it is, how you might be affected, and what you can do about it.  We also talked about the recent promotion, and subsequent stepping down, of Brendan Eich as CEO of the Mozilla Foundation, after revelations of his funding towards the Proposition 8 campaign against equal rights.

    Finally we moved on back to talk about gadgets – including the recent Windows 8.1 update, and some new features Microsoft are talking about for the Windows Phone. And finally we discussed some Apple rumours, and drones that fall from the sky.

  • April Fools, Apple v Samsung, Oculus Rift, Office for iPad, Win XP and the latest Android Smartphones

    Technogaze was brought to you this week by your regular crew of Mark, Raena & Michael.  We had a look at some recent April fools frolics, including the same connected pet story from the three major telcos.  Apple -v- Samsung continues to stir controversy with lawyers arguing over a video that explains how the patent system works.  Oculus Rift has been purchased by Facebook with kickstarter adopters up in arms over the sellout.

    We refuted a recent internet meme that would have you believe that changing the font that you use would save money and for the first time ever we dedicated a whole block of the show to Microsoft.  Is Satya Nadella turning the company around?  Although Win XP is no longer supported, some 28% of internet users are still using this version of Windows.

    Jason from Ausdroid, was on the phone to talk about the latest Android handsets – the HTC One M8 and Samsung S5.

  • Telstra Privacy Breach, Twitter Crashes, SXSW, CIA Hackings and the Value of Metadata

    Technogaze was brought to you this week by Mark, Raena & Michael who looked at the latest Tech news including crowdsourced efforts to try and locate the missing Malaysian Airlines flight 370, the fine imposed on Telstra for publishing private customer information, Twitter crashes and the 25th anniversary of the conception of the WWW.

    The annual South by SouthWest (SXSW) film, interactive and music festivals were held in Austin Texas during the week.  Edward Snowden appeared via internet link and stated that he would do it all again if the opportunity arose to act as a whistleblower.  He also discussed how encryption of data traffic can help to combat casual eavesdropping of data and encouraged major Tech Companies to offer this for their websites and products.  A drone featuring an on-board taser was showcased at the festival as was perhaps a glimpse of the future of computing: using electrons around a nucleus as a replacement for the transistor – this technology promises speed improvements of a factor of 10,000.

    We also donned our tin-foil hats and talked about the accusation by a US Senate Intelligence Chief accusing the CIA of hacking into their enquiry and deleting documents. Thanks to Stanford University research, we discovered that metadata around phone calls and their duration is not nearly as anonymous as we have been led to believe.

  • Women in Tech, Apple speculation, Open Source TLS bugs

    For this International Women’s Day special show, Claudine, DonnaRaena and Mark discussed the current issues that face women in the tech industry.  Recently it was discovered a bug exists in Apple’s Safari web browser that enabled SSL certificates to be spoofed, and as it turns out, a very similar but unrelated bug exists in a whole bunch of Open Source software too.

    Apple’s Tim Cook recently made headlines with a slap-down of right wing shareholders questioning their approach to environment and social issues, and while on the topic of Apple, we discussed some of the recent product speculation floating around the Internet.

  • NBN in Tassie, Samsung S5, Apple SSL Bug, WATTSON and NSA Top 10 Pickup Lines

    Technogaze was brought to you by Mark, Raena and Michael this week, where we covered a broad range of topics in the tech area.  We had a look at the latest going ons with the NBN in Tasmania as well as trying to understand the accuracy of the MyBroadband website in how it expresses potential ADSL performance with what people are actually receiving.  Samsung have announced its new flagship Android phone, the S5, as well as the next iteration of their smartwatch the Galaxy Gear – we had a look at the specifications of these two new products.  We also looked into a serious bug that affects SSL security on Apple OSX and iOS devices and encouraged listeners to download the latest software to counteract it.

    Laurent , the creator of the new gay nightlife events app, WATTSON, was in the studio and we explored his personal reasons for devising the app and the interesting techniques he uses to bring relevance to his audience.

    In more general news we saw how the UK’s GCHQ security agency  has been capturing stills from Yahoo webcam chats, the AFP have been using drones in operational situations, the benefits of crowdsourcing data on women ovulating and how placing chips in Oysters is helping the farming of this food.

    In wrapping up the show, we had a playful look at the NSA’s Top 10 Pickup Lines.

  • Printing with water, Going flappy, Warp drives & space, Hacking in Russia and Facebook gender assignment

    This week Michael and Craig had an in depth discussion about space, warp drives and the current status of the technology and how it matched up with science fiction.  We followed up on last weeks story about hacking in Sochi and were reminded that things do not always seem to be as they appear.

    In other news, Facebook has changed the way it allows its users to identify themselves from a gender perspective as well as giving control over who gets to see their choice, Flappy birds has come and gone and we had a look at what made the game so addictive and why it was withdrawn from the market.  Printing with water is a new take to reduce printing costs and allow paper to be reused and Police forces around the world are using technology in new ways – is this good or not?  Plus the usual roundup of news and items that tickle our fancy.

  • Satya Nadella and Microsoft, vehicle to vehicle tech, traffic lights, download your brain

    In this episode,  Raena, Mark, Michael and Josh discussed the very public support of the GLBTIQ community’s plight in Russia from Google.  We also discussed the latest changes in trans-Tasman mobile phone roaming, and telcos’ expected reluctance in supporting any government intervention in the matter.

    We discussed Vehicle-to-vehicle tech and the US Government’s efforts to mandate communication tech  in the US in coming years.  We discussed the possibility of changing the standard design of traffic lights, with the idea of a timed hourglass design floating around the Internet.   If you’d like to live forever, perhaps you could consider signing up to Eterni.me – a web based system that allows people communicate with a virtual version of yourself.

  • Bird like drones, Free Google Taxis, Latest 3D Printing, Apple Sapphire Glass ,TV and the cost of Patent Trolls

    This week in the studio we had Michael, Raena and Josh in the studio talking about the latest in Tech.  We looked at drones that mimic birds and are able to land on branches, Samsungs foray into Glass and a recently filed Google patent for a taxi service that will take you shopping for free.

    3D printing is still changing with new printers that are capable of printing in full colour, use tougher materials such as fibreglass and carbon fibre and a new orthotic supply service that you can use in place of going to your podiatrist.

    Edward Snowden is a nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize by Norwegian politicians  as Apple’s Tim Cook is denying that there is a back door to their system, although a gag order prevents him from going into more detail.  Some rumours of sapphire glass for the next iPhone with perhaps in-built photovoltaic charging and the next Apple TV looks set to include an inbuilt Airport Express and Cable TV Tuner.

    Google surprises some by selling its Motorola phone division for a $9bn loss – although it is keeping the patents and the Moonshot advanced technologies and projects division.  If $9bn sounds like a lot for patents, Google is set to pay out close to $1bn on a recent case that it lost against a patent troll – so perhaps the sale price was fair.  Finally we looked at an ongoing Google Chrome exploit that allows a malicious site to keep your microphone open long after you have thought it was turned off.

  • Net Neutrality, Sex with Glass, Bitcoin Gambling and Happy 30th Birthday to the Mac

    This week, Mark, Michael and Jason explored the recent Verizon vs FCC court challenge that ruled that the FCC was unable to force net neutrality on ISPs in the United States. The Macintosh turned 30 whilst President Obama’s speech on surveillance fell on deaf ears. Meanwhile in the Ukraine, the Government used SMS to convey an Orwellian message to local protesters.

    We looked at improvements in technology that allow the colour blind to better distinguish colours, how a Las Vegas casino that was the first in the city to install a telephone in 1907 is again leading the introduction of technology by accepting bitcoin as a valid method of payment. As well as having an amusing look at a new Google Glass sex app – ok Glass Pull Out, is a valid command.


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