One of the extreme low points of 2010 was the passing of Addam Stobbs. Addam was a Life Member of JOY in recognition of his enormous contribution over many years. We still feel the loss of his extraordinary passion, work, humour, and enthusiasm. He is remembered by many as a mentor and friend. At the JOY Annual General Meeting that same year, the Board instituted an Award for Broadcasting Excellence in his name as a way of acknowledging Addam in perpetuity, with recipients honouring both their own success and Addam’s contribution.

​The Addam Stobbs Award for Broadcasting Excellence is awarded by the JOY Board to​ presenters and/or programs that have excelled at creating programming that fulfils the​ JOY mission statement and the JOY programming statement, of connecting,​ representing and celebrating our diverse communities through programming that​ uplifts, informs and empowers.​​

Alongside the Addam Stobbs Award for Broadcasting Excellence is the JOY Award for Volunteering Excellence, which focuses specifically in the off-air side of volunteering at JOY.

The recipients of the Addam Stobbs Award for Broadcasting Excellence are:


Tim Little, Michael Whelan, and Jon Kok for Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek first went to air in July 2009, streaming live on each week and downloaded via podcast to a growing audience around the world who appreciate a sex positive show.
The show has broadcast more than 150 episodes, and each week on average has more than 3000 downloads. It has received numerous accolades, including the HIV Awareness Media Award from Living Positive Victoria. Hide and Seek hosts Tim, Michael, and Jon navigate the depths of gay, bisexual, and queer men’s sex lives with candid, informative conversations and stories about desire and pleasure. From showers douches to carrying toys in your carry-on baggage to discussing the lack of tops in the community, this program consistently educates and entertains to a high standard.
Congratulations team!


Alex Morris, Amelia Arnold, Louis Thomas, Millie Willetts, and Ruby Mountford for Triple Bi Pass


Jack Crnjanin, Elliot Attard, Charlie Kelly, Luke Mitchell, Kolby Newland, Lisa Pollifroni, Bree Swaine, and Edith Wakelin-King for Checkpoint



Triana Butler for The Sound of Now, Six at Six, and JOY Daytimes

“It’s such an honour to receive this award, and to be recognised not just alongside the other recipients of this award, but also the much missed Addam Stobbs. JOY is a community that I am so proud to be part of, and to be recognised for broadcast excellence amongst this community of phenomenal broadcasters is one of my proudest achievements.

Huge thanks to the team I work with that help bring my show to air: Jordan Johnstone, for connecting the show up on air each week, our Program Director, Rachel Tyler Jones, for encouraging me and backing my skills; and our music team, led by Music Director Michael Polh and Interviews Coordinator Bryan McGrath, for their support not just with The Sound of Now, but also the Six at Six, which wrapped up earlier this year after ten years on air.”



David Moyle, Paul Gardner, Corey Barr and Jett Mahoney for Bent Notes

The award reflects the significant and ongoing contribution that Bent Notes has made to the quality and diversity of the JOY on-air sound.

Rachel Tyler Jones (PD), accepting the award Jett Mahoney & David Moyle, Amanda Millar (Board)

Bent Notes exemplifies consistent, high quality programming. David Moyle started broadcasting his version of the show ten years ago this coming December, and it has been on air every Sunday night since then, with the exception of one or two special JOY events where the team was asked to take a rest. Paul Gardner and Corey Barr joined David shortly after that first show, and together the team has broadcast over 500 shows.

Across the last decade they have taken the initiative to move outside the studio, broadcasting from the Wangaratta Festival of Jazz and Blues across six years, and doing a full program OB last year from the Marysville Jazz and Blues Weekend, in a joint effort with UGFM.

Bent Notes makes the time to train new volunteers, on top of producing a highly organised show. This year they added Jett Mahoney to the team, after she joined the show as a trainee.

Bent Notes is a high-quality, informative and joyful program that showcases the team’s combined deep love of jazz and radio. Congratulations to David Moyle, Paul Gardner, Corey Barr and Jett Mahoney for producing a program that others can look to as a benchmark of quality and consistency at JOY.


David “Macca” McCarthy, Tass Mousaferiades, Fiona Brook, Paul Horwell and the extended team behind Saturday Magazine

Tass Mousaferiadis & Melinda Rich (JOY President)

The award reflects the significant contribution this program has made to JOY in a year when advocacy was so crucial to support our community through a divisive debate over marriage equality.  Saturday Magazine not only reports on news relevant to our community, but it generates thoughtful and considered debate and conversation on issues that matter to us. It is also regularly amongst the most downloaded JOY podcasts, reflecting that it is a ‘go to’ program for our listeners seeking to stay connected with happenings in our community. The program’s level of engagement with political, community, commercial, and cultural leaders has never been higher and more respected. Its excellence in programming reminds us that JOY serves as a strong voice to uplift, inform and empower our community.

Congratulations to David “Macca” McCarthy, Tass Mousaferiades, Fiona Brook, Paul Horwell and the entire team that delivers Saturday Magazine.


Fiona Newton, Bec Dahl, Susannah Mott, Bree McAullayRachel Hopkins and Danae Gibson for Chicks Talking Footy

Danae Gibson, Susannah Mott, Rachel Hopkins, Fiona Newton, Bree McAullay & Bec Dahl

Week after week, the Chicks Talking Footy team have been a model program in JOY’s diverse line up, and the team are awarded the Addam Stobbs Award for Broadcasting Excellence for 2017. Since commencing in April 2016, the program has clearly demonstrated JOY’s values of inclusion, joy and courage. The team have made a name for themselves within the broader AFL and AFLW communities – because they know their stuff and they can communicate it in a way that is accessible and enjoyable whether or not you are a footy fan. The program is always informing and it empowers women to be active participants in football, particularly during the inaugural AFLW season in early 2017. In addition, they do a wonderful job showcasing and celebrating queer people in the sport both on and off the ground. Listening, you can genuinely feel that women and queer people can be comfortable and central in an institution central to our city’s culture. Having led the charge in JOY’s coverage of the first AFL Pride Match in 2016, the team are now a finalist in the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia’s (CBAA’s) Excellence in Sports Programming award for 2017. Led by Fiona Newton, along with Bec Dahl, Susannah Mott, Bree McAullayRachel Hopkins and of course Danae Gibson, Chicks Talking Footy is an extremely well-polished program that helps dispel harmful stereotypes. It is an exemplary program for others to follow.
Congratulations to the Chicks Talking’ Footy team.


Matt McDonnell, Damian Sabatini, Dean Galloway, Paul Dexter, and Sarah Charnaud for World Wide Wave

23-10-16-joy-agm-13Late on weekday evening in 2011, Tom, Hikaru and Squirrel commenced World Wide Wave, aiming to promote awareness of international LGBTI issues, by exploring one country at a time. Over its first two years the program was a journey not only around the world but also across the JOY Program Grid, before settling in the prime-time slot of 7 pm Tuesday about three years ago. Now led by Matt McDonnell, the World Wide Wave team undertake a significant production task every week, sourcing and recording interviews with politicians (including at least one heads of state), activists and community leaders, United Nations representatives, students and artists, professionals and many more from across the world at all hours of the day. Over more than 200 episodes, the team have given equal coverage to the challenges and the successes of the world’s diverse rainbow communities globally and continues to stand by their own mission statement and their W3JOY code of ethics. In addition, the team maintains a strong social media footprint often updating followers several times a day with news and views from around the globe.
In June 2016, the World Wide Wave team led JOY 94.9’s coverage of the shooting at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub with the raw grief and emotion of the event evident through the program.
Congratulations to the World Wide Wave team, which during 2016 has included:
• Matt McDonnell
• Damian Sabatini
• Dean Galloway
• Paul Dexter
• Sarah Charnaud


Sammi Whitehead

Sammi Whitehead

Sammi Whitehe

During 2014-15, Sammi Whitehead produced and presented The Wet Spot, an uncensored hour for women with a focus on sex and sensuality, something that had not previously been offered to our women listeners. Sammi regularly produced high quality podcasts and interviews, and developed an active audience.

With involvement in Yes We Are, Sammi represented women and lesbians through an entertaining and engaging music format program. Sammi is a tireless JOY volunteer in all aspects from office admin, panel operation, podcasting, production and presenting.

Sammi assisted with podcasting training when requested, and panelling for two other programs, in addition to her own program workload (Stand Up Straight and Saturday Magazine). Sammi is strong supporter of JOY and in particular women’s issues.


Paul Anthony

Paul AnthonyIn his 10 years at the station, Paul Anthony is best known for contributing to the daytime programming team as a presenter and producer. Within the JOY daytime format, Paul always incorporates a strong community focus to each show he does that brings an Inclusive, empowering and diverse range of content to listeners each week. He has mentored and assisted many new presenters on air and has in turn given these volunteers a voice and the opportunity to speak to their experiences as well, leading to many memorable moments on air. His commitment to JOY, community radio and the broader community each week is a great example to the power of community radio and what can be achieved every day on every show when the microphones go on.


David 'Macca' McCarthy and Dean Beck

David ‘Macca’ McCarthy and Dean Beck

Dean Beck for Hide & Seek, Word for Word and On the Line

Dean’s introduction to JOY was through Addam Stobbs, so it is fitting after four years on-air, that he is now the recipient of this award. As a broadcaster, he is passionate, enthusiastic, interested and informed. Each of his programs has community interests at the core, no matter the topic. He is a highly versatile presenter across a range of genres.

Besides creating engaging radio, he also goes beyond the broadcasting side to connect and empower the community through his roles as an ENUF ambassador and MC / speaker at various community events. He ensures all of his programs are thoroughly researched and informative, with the tone of his efforts always positive, inclusive and challenging when needed. Dean Beck can be heard every week on JOY 94.9 on Word for Word and On The Line.


Jade Gulliver and David Lim

Jade Gulliver & David Lim  for Diff’rent Strokes

Fun, uplifting, great rapport, well planned and professionally delivered… that’s what David Lim and Jade Gulliver have brought to JOY with their fantastic show Diff’rent Strokes. After 5 years on-air, this dynamic duo made the switch from an evening program to a breakfast show in 2012 and brought their unique humour and style to the JOY daytime sound. Their partnership clearly demonstrates the diversity of our community and represents everything that’s great about JOY… dedicated volunteers who consistently broadcast an entertaining and well produced show, who are an excellent example of how paying your dues and putting in the hard work can lead to new challenges at the station. A great duo that signifies the future of JOY and a true asset to our community! There’s something diff’rent about Thursday breakfast on JOY. Join Jade and Dave every Thursday morning for a fun, camp and geek take on pop culture and the world as we know it. Every week, David and Jade join forces to present their contrasting take on pop culture, music, TV and online fads.


Bek Savicbek savic for bek-fast

A JOY member since 2002, bek first revealed her broadcasting skills through Midnight Snack and then further grew her outstanding radio presence as co-host of Poptarts. bek’s passion for Australian music and the delivery of specialist programming excellence continues through the Saturday morning bek-fast time slot. bek-fast dovetails her volunteer role as Office Admin Coordinator with her radio broadcasting role. Through this we have seen bek play an important role in nurturing and growing others and helping them to build their skills to become co-hosts and panel operators. bek has forged her own place at JOY through her unique blend of radio broadcasting and supporting others so that they too, can experience the rush of adrenaline when the mic goes live.


Benny and FrankBenny and Frank for The Two Fat Lattes

Inaugural award recipients of the Addam Stobbs Award for broadcast excellence, Benny and Frank, they started on-air in 1998 as the Two Fat Lattes have entertained us for 12 years since.


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