The Multilingual Rainbow Community Service Announcement (CSA) Project

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  • Highlight LGBTIQ-friendly health, support and social services in a wide range of languages on your program and your station.

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JOY 94.9 secured funding from the Community Broadcasting Foundation to produce a Multilingual Rainbow CSA Project showcasing LGBTIQ services and community groups that are based in each state and nationally.

The Multilingual Rainbow CSA Project aims to connect people of diverse sexualities, genders and sex variations who may not be fluent in English to the inclusive health, social and support services they need and deserve.

JOY 94.9, Australia’s first LGBTI community radio station, believes in representing our whole community and produced this project as part of our commitment to our core values of inclusion and respect.

The tireless work of dozens of volunteers made this project possible.

Our thanks to the translators and voiceover talent, the cross-checkers and the many friends, family and partners from around the world who provided extra language and cultural script checking. Your work is incredible and we can’t thank you enough.

JOY 94.9’s Multilingual Rainbow CSA Project produced with the assistance of the Department of Communications via the Community Broadcasting Foundation

Why does the community need these announcements?

Culturally and linguistically diverse people remain the minority within the wider rainbow community, while homophobia, biphobia, transphobia and intersexism can still be found within many multicultural communities. To not be straight or cisgender has its challenges in any community, but it can pose particular difficulties for people who embody multiple identities.

Access to relevant and engaging news and information can change and save lives. On the other hand, lack of access to support services can impact the health, wellbeing and happiness of a very diverse segment of our communities. From elders within established communities to young people from refugee and newly arrived backgrounds, many people can struggle with their identity as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or intersex. The result of this struggle is a heightened mental and physical risk, including an increased risk of suicide, depression and anxiety.

With this project, we hope to increase opportunities for collaboration between the multicultural broadcasting sector and the rainbow community, to support the health and happiness of every member of the community.

JOY 94.9’s Multilingual Rainbow CSA Project is supported by the National Ethnic and Multicultural Broadcasters’ Council (NEMBC).


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