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International Transgender Day Of Remembrance is on Wednesday November 20 and JOY 94.9 will be commemorating this day with a special two hour on air event starting at 2pm.

Transgender Flag

International Transgender Day Of Remembrance is a day for us all to unite on our concern for the violence against women and transgender people. We also delight in the spiritual vitality of transgender communities around the world; with a commitment to unite across lines of age, race, culture, class, nationality, worldview and spiritual tradition.

We will be speaking with the leaders of four Melbourne Transgender support groups, including Ygender, Transgender Victoria, Seahorse and FTMShed. Our goal is to better understand the transgender experience, and celebrate the diversity of transgender journeys. On a day where we remember those that have been murdered and violently assaulted, we will also show that being trans is a positive experience for many people.

After the broadcast, the show will be podcast and available on the JOY web site. During the show we will introduce you to a variety of information. Here are some links you can access to help you learn more.

Local groups

International Groups

Articles and resources







The International Transgender Day Of Remembrance special on JOY 94.9 on Wednesday November 20, from 2pm.

JOY 94.9 – proudly supporting the diverse transgender community.


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