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The Audiovisual Team is currently focusing on creating content to support JOY’s up-and-coming Radiothon. We have also been covering community events such as Pride March (link below) and uploading accounts of Melbourne’s queer history via our archiving project, which includes a tour of JOY’s studio in South Melbourne in 2000 (link below).


Pride March 2017

Midsumma 2017 – Pride March – The March and Catani Gardens

This year Melbourne celebrated its 22nd Pride March. We were there to film and interview some of the 150 groups as the colourful spectacle made its way down Fitzroy Street, St Kilda.

JOY tour 2000

Bent TV Archive: Squeal – 2000 – JOY radio station

Steve Anderson took viewers on a tour of JOY for Squeal. One of the people featured is musician Matt Thomas from The Mavis’s.



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